Mediterranean man rose from barbarism by succeeding in cultivating olives and vines. The story of wine and olive oil is 3,000 years old, and people here still carry it today from the rocky slopes of the hinterland of Zadar to awards at wine festivals across Europe.

In Polača, get to know the secret of the source of the wine variety zinfandela (primitive - crljenka) and find out why kings also love wines from this sunny karst. Try the magic of the "three graces" of the Mediterranean: olives, vines and figs. In Ražnjević's court AD 1307 enjoy pairing wine with Dalmatian specialties - prosciutto and cheese, olives and olive oil - in a 16th-century tavern.

Visit Petrčane (near Zadar) and find out where their name "Royal Vineyards" comes from. In Zadar, see the impressive collection of the Museum of Ancient Glass.

Above the remains of the ancient stone city of Asseria on the karst slope, try the wine of the same name with the silver recognition of Decanter. Try the organic wines of the Škaulj family farm, which were drunk by kings, and step into the medieval Kaštel Benković, today's home of the local museum of an exceptional display of Liburnian and Roman artifacts.

Program Summary

Day 1
PZ MasVin - Raznjevica dvori AD 1307

Day 2
Petrcane - Zadar (Museum of Ancient Glass)

Day 3
Asseria - OPG Bačić - Homeland Museum Benkovac - OPG Škaulj

Package offered all year round (min. 6 people).

Price per person: upon request

Price includes: transport, guide, wine and olive oil tasting, tickets, lunch package.