The richness of taste and history of the Biograd hinterland

A tour of Ravni Kotar and its historical monuments with the pleasure of oenology and gastronomy. Drive along the Vrana Lake Nature Park and Ornithological Park and arrival in Vrana to Mašković han. The caravanserai built since 1544 is the westernmost preserved monument of the Ottoman Empire, and you will find out why it was completed after 460 years and see the remains of the city of Vrana, the seat of the mysterious Templars. Continue to Benkovac and the medieval Kaštel Benković with a museum rich in Liburnian and Roman finds of the nearby town of Asseria, and there is also Da Vinci's three-barreled cannon (the only one found in the world)!

Next is a trip to the most ecological village in Croatia, Nadin, to the Škaulj family winery, where gastronomic delights await us - Dalmatian traditional lunch - prosciutto, cheese, meat and baked potatoes and dessert with two wines by a prominent eco winemaker who was awarded the London Decanter. wines were also served in the European Parliament, and here they were enjoyed by many dignitaries and even royal families.

Group trip offered all year round (min. 6 people).
Price per person:upon request
Duration: 09:00 - 16:30