Afternoon or morning departure to the location Kaštel Benkovića - Benkovac, a short stay with a view and a stop at Crkvine pod Šopotom where Branimir's inscription was found in which the Croatian name is mentioned for the first time. Extension to Polača and Ražnjević court, a short tour of the estate and dinner.

Dinner of Prince Branimir *

Cold appetizer: toast with almonds, prosciutto, hard sheep cheese, cottage cheese
Soup: cream of vegetable soup
Warm appetizer: hail risotto
Main course: grilled lamb and baked potatoes / pheasant on the hunt with gnocchi
Salad: seasonal mixed and young onion
Dessert: homemade prisnac
Drinks: Wine OPG Ražnjević white cuvee (maraština, debit, Trebiano Toscano) and black cuvee (blue, Syrah), mineral and plain water.

Group trip offered all year round (min. 20 people).

Price per person: 400,00 kn
Discount for children 0 - 6 years: 100%
Discount for children 7 - 12 years: 50%
Time: 17:00 - 22:00 / 11:00 - 16:00

The price includes: transfer, guide for sightseeing and presentation of the theme of dinner and agritourism, selected menu, house wine black and white, mineral carbonated and non-carbonated water.

* We also offer themed lunches / dinners with separate themes and menus and various tour routes (near Ražnjević dvor A.D. 1307) in the approximate duration of one hour at prices from 400,00kn to 500,00kn:

Lunch / Dinner of county serdars
Lunch / Dinner Kličevica - knezova Kurijakovića
Lunch / Dinner of Raznjevic court AD 1307
Lunch / Dinner of Evliya lebelebi
Lunch of Admiral Jusuf Pasha Maskovic
What our ancestors ate - Grandpa Dmitar's dinner